Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Oakes- Tracking
I'm pretty sure everyone remembers sitting in the NECAP tests, and knowing that the only thing you have to look forward to was that little bag of pretzels and the cup of half frozen orange juice. As far as my opinion on this, I feel mixed both ways about it. on one hand i do feel that it is important to make sure that every student is being taught, and no one is being short handed when it comes to a quality education, however it is the teacher's job to be able to prepare the student for this. The student cannot do it on their own.

I remember that when I was in Fourth grade, they made a transition to a program called Everyday Math to test out a new system to teach basic mathematics. This program did nothing but confuse most of the other kids in my grade, and to this day I have never learned how to long divide. I ended up being messed up in my understanding of math, and a once strong subject of mine became my weakest very quickly. In this video, though it is based in Washington, tells not to use Everyday Mathematics, and problems with it in real time.

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