Monday, March 25, 2013

In the Service of What? 
This piece of writing in particular was a bit of a challange because of its density, however I felt that It really pointed out some similar topics that I have experienced while volunteering in the community as well as my current service learning project in FNED 346. I feel that as volunteers in a society that embraces the values of education, it is important that we have the awareness to address the cultural, behavioral and learning differences in classrooms.

It is easy for me to compare my current service learning to other projects I have done in the past, as my roles have been quite similar, but I have been able to see the cultural differences in society based on which schools accommodate which students. Students in classes that I have volunteered in in Lincoln, Rhode Island, are far different than those in the inner city Providence schools. What I feel that the article was trying to point out, was that we should be doing things, no matter what the conditions may be, for the right reasons and for the greatest achievable success with students. It makes no difference the skin color, or cultural differences. It is all about the resources available to students, whether it be their teacher or their construction paper. As an individual participating in a service learning project, I feel that I am the resource that some of my students need in order to be a  better reader, and a better functioning member of the society that they live in. I want them to be able to have the confidence to succeed in an environment where success is not always as achievable as it normally is.

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  1. Hey Rob your right i totally agree with you and that's good that you want to teach your students at service learning, that they can succeed, because other people at home or outsiders may tell them they cant,and they look up to you as a mentor. I really like your post Great post !