Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Klewier- Reconceptualizing Down Syndrome

When it comes to children with down syndrome, I don't really have any experience whatsoever. I feel that an individual should be included as much as possible when it comes to normal learning circumstances. Down Syndrome especially, is a condition that has varying degrees of severity, and it can be easily be treated and a student can be incorporated in a classroom. 
When I was in elementary school, there was a boy who had a severe physical and mental handicap in class. I found it to be completely appropriate to have this boy in our classroom and constantly having positive interactions. however he could be disruptive at times.The problem that i had was when the aid fed him through a stomach tube. though it may be best to acknowledge this, i still felt that it was a disruption and a bit of an oddity that really distracted me from my work. Though this is not the same exact example, the point that i was trying to make was the fact that sometimes it is beneficial fro everyone to a full inclusion, as it would be a learning experience for all.

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